About us


Our relationship with photography already goes back 23 years

In 1990, we created our own place in Agii Anargiri (Athens, Greece). Our love for what we do and our clients’ faith to our work has encouraged us to expand our activities. We currently work in three fully equipped locations (studio, atelier and photo shop), under the name “New Life Studio”. In November 2013 our photo shop has been relocated in Nea Filadelfia.

Focusing on our passion in wedding photography, we create ways and find solutions to make the memoirs of your special day to last forever. We go to great lengths to capture the essence of the moment, the feeling, the smile, the atmosphere, the expression, the sentiment and whatever makes your wedding day unique and important.

To achieve our mission, we work with cutting edge equipment along with a remarkable team of colleagues.

We daily strive to become better through perpetual training, while learning from internationally-acknowledged wedding photographers, like Rocco Ancora, Martin Schembri, Jim Garner, Jerry Gionis etc.

Having a particular perception about wedding photography, we present an artistic narration (story telling) through aesthetic and content, with respect to the desires and needs of each client. Trying to make your wedding day even more unforgettable, we focus on the timeless and not in “latest trend”.




Both our Studio and Atelier are in line with ultramodern aesthetics, providing a real source of inspiration and creativity. The Studio provides wide range of professional photography artistic, portrait, advertising photography, still life etc.



At the Atelier, our highly experienced partners are dealing with image, audio, and video editing, as well as the album creation and form creation, using the most sophisticated technology. Moreover, the editing and processing of Marriage and Baptism videos takes place here, always with Cinematic way and style. Finally, this is where all our applications for 2D and 3D Animation and Composition are produced that are later used for corporate promotional spots and business presentations.



In our brand new premises, which is characterized by our unique sense of aesthetics and vintage atmosphere, we cover up all the requirements of the art of photography, using our cutting edge equipment. We offer services that are based on the latest digital technology, prints and image processing, studio photography and we also produce forms and invitations for marriages and christenings. Here you will find everything related to photography along with a wide selection of tasteful gifts.